About Us

With over 25 years of raising, training and breeding horses, I have now in the past few years have been learning about the “Brindle Horses”. We have settled to a high caliber of horse power. As you will see on our site we have a few stallions to choose from and many, mares for a wide variety of progeny prospects for you. If you have not ever seen a “Brindle Horse” please take the time to see my Brindle Horse” page and there is also other links there as well to learn about the fascinating colors.

Here we are striving to raise quality APHA & AQHA registered horses, that can do it all from Western Pleasure to the working Cow Horse with great minds and attitudes. They also come along with good breeding, excellent conformation and dispositions. These horses are bred to do anything you ask of them.
We have a BONUS TWIST in some of our horses and breeding program and that is we have progeny from Brindle horses some are progeny of TWO Brindle parents and others are just from ONE Brindle parent. The “Brindle” horse consist of unique and original coloring stripes on their bodies. We have Mares, Stallions and Foals with this unique color, and Stallion prospects from “inherited brindle genes”.

Our Quarter horse mares have such lines as Doc O Lena, Doc Bar, Dry Doc, Tinky Poo, Easy Jet, Jet Deck, Skipper W, Leo, Poco Bueno, Sir Quincy Dan, Joe Reed, Two Eyed Jack, Blondy’s Dude, Leo, King, Oklahoma Star, Smooth Town, King & Cutter Bill to name a few.

On the Paint horse side of things we have bloodlines as, Wamp It On Um, Gambling Man, Sir Norfleet, Eternal Ovation, Scribbles, Mr Robin Boy, Eternal Mount, Versary Bars, Buck McCue, & Smoke N Cotton, just to give you an idea.

Along with the Horses I have decided to start raising cattle. I have pretty much always had cows around and worked with them MOST ALL of my life but it was never my MAIN GOAL ! Now things and times have changed and I have a small cattle herd going. See my “Cattle Page”.